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  Are you new to NYC, and want to have an unforgettable first experience?
   Are you a New York native that wants to learn more about your amazing city?
   Are you looking for a way to tour the sights without having to wait on line for a bus?
         Isn't it about time you had Total Freedom?


Escape the ordinary with our self-guided Total Freedom GPS Tours. No more waiting in line, holding on to tickets, having to deal with questionable tour guides, or being stuck on a tour bus in traffic. We take the guesswork out of sightseeing, giving you valuable time to admire the awe-inspiring city we call New York.

Total Freedom works in 3 easy steps:

  1. Plug in and turn on the Garmin NĂ¼vi GPS. 
  2. Press 'View Map'
  3. Ride anywhere you want.

The 3D Map outlines any and all Points of Interest, and an audio clip of each point will play when you ride near the locations on the map. It's like having an amazingly accurate and affordable tour guide that never quits.

Garmin scootersnyc

total freedom advantage

Here's a quick quide to the features of our Total Freedom Tours:

  • Ride anytime, Day or Night!
  • 200+ Points Of Interest in the NYC area.
  • Explore Historical Landmarks, Museums, Shopping Centers and more!
  • Park with confidence using our Scooter-Friendly Parking Garage Locator!
  • Dine in style with our Recommended Restaurants, updated regularly with Google Places reviews!
  • Load music from a microSD card into the unit to enjoy on your journey!
  • Only $29.95 with scooter rental!

To select the Total Freedom Tour, just click the "Total Freedom GPS Tour" box in the 'Extra Services' section of our Scooter Reservation Form.

Are you ready?

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