Why Scooters?


Let's face it,

Public transportation stinks.
You spend precious time at a bus or subway station hoping that the flowers you got for your date won't be wilted from lack of oxygen by the time you get there, and when the transport finally arrives, it's noisy, uncomfortable, littered with used MetroCards, and that odd fellow in the corner is giving you a questionable glance.

And since you don't want to look forward to that experience on the return trip home, you hail a cab. What follows is a frantic, palm sweat-inducing, profanity-filled ride that many know all too well. You're left at the end of the night wondering what the reason was you even left the house to begin with.

You deserve better.

Scooters aren't only a solution to this inconvenient problem, they have the power to transform your trip into an unforgettable endeavor that allows you to see the city with a depth that no taxi, bus, subway or rental car can ever offer. With other forms of transport, you look forward to the destination - but on a scooter, the journey is half of the fun.

ScootersNYC has you covered. Learn more in our How It Works section to find out why we're light years ahead of the competition  - and we intend to keep it that way.

It's not a rental, it's an experience.

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