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    Medals of the 2011 ING NYC Marathon, photo by Rook Productions Media
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    Start of the 2011 ING NYC Marathon, photo by Rook Productions Media
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    Paramount Pictures filming The Dictator, photo by Bauer Griffin
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    Screen capture of Thru Ya City, by Sheep Meadow Films

Custom Solutions


Don't just think outside the box - leave it behind!

We believe a business should be efficient, effective and innovative - not only for its clients or end-users, but its internal operation as well. Our specialized business scooter rentals are tailored to match your needs, requirements and deadlines in the most professional way possible.

Here's why our scooter rental services are a cut above the ordinary:
  • Personalized scooter rental rates for businesses
  • Complete transparency with all paperwork and charges
  • Unlimited range of delivery/pickup times and locations
  • Unlimited range of scooter rental lengths
  • Unique fleet comprised of high-end, desirable scooter models from Italy and Japan.
  • Roadside mechanical / technical scooter assistance for all rentals
  • Years of experience in dealing with high-demand, fast-paced companies
  • Intimate knowledge of numerous industries (Hotel, Restaurant, Film, Special Event and Press)
Projects we've worked on recently with notable companies:
  • Paramount Pictures - The Dictator
  • Rook Productions Media & ASICS America - 2011 ING NYC Marathon
  • Adaptiv Technology - 2011 ING NYC Marathon
  • Sheep Meadow Films - Thru Ya City, NJRentAScooter Commercial
  • MotoMag Magazine - Sachs MadAss Review
  • NY Times - Feature on NYC Scooter Club in Times Square
  • UrbanDaddy - Featured Article on NJRentAScooter

To inqure about custom rental orders, business solutions or general information, please use our Contact Form.

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