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Learn what it takes to rent a scooter in the Big Apple!



In order to fulfill the terms of the rental, we will need:

  • The Renter to be at least 21 years of age or older
  • A Valid Driver's License / Motorcycle license
  • Credit/Debit Card (MUST belong to the renter)
  • A signed Rental Agreement and Inspection Form
  • Accurate contact information (for Delivery and Pickup arrangement)

2. Do I need a motorcycle license to ride?

For the following scooters, only an automobile license is needed:

  • Genuein Buddy (50cc)

For the following scooters, motorcycle license is needed:

  • Honda Ruckus (50cc)*
  • Aprilia Sr50 (50cc)
  • Yamaha Zuma 125 (125cc)*
  • Honda Reflex 250 (250cc)
  • Vespa 250 GTS ie (250cc)

*Can be rented with a 125cc moped/motorcycle license.

3. How far in advance should I reserve?

While we can accomodate rentals scheduled for the next day, planning ahead gives you the biggest savings and peace of mind. We offer daily rate discounts when you reserve more than 21 days in advance.

4. Do you rent motorcycles?

No, we only offer rental of scooters at this time.

For motorcycle rental, please visit www.jupitersmc.com

5. What is included in the rental rate?

The scooter rental rate includes:

  • The scooter of your choice
  • Curbside Delivery to your location (Hotel or Residence) in Manhattan and Williamsburg. Outer Brooklyn and Queens must pay a $19 surcharge.
  • One (1) 3/4 size DOT-approved Helmet
  • Complimentary Chain and Lock
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Unlimited Miles
  • Sales Tax

6. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept:

credit cards accepted

    • VISA Credit Card (Domestic/international)
    • MasterCard Credit Card (Domestic/international)
    • American Express Credit Card (Domestic/international)
    • Discover Credit Card (Domestic/international)
    • PayPal

We DO NOTaccept Personal Checks.

7. When Am I required to pay?

Due to a large amount of reservations, full payment is due at the time of the reservation. The Refundable Security Deposit, however, is charged at the Rental Start Date.

8. What does the Refundable Security Deposit cover?

The Refundable Security Deposit ($200)covers any parking tickets, moving violations, and/or damages done to the vehicle during the time of the rental. It is due at the time of reservation and MUST be made with a credit card or PayPal account. It is a charge in additional to the rental amount.

9. When do I receive the refund for the Security   Deposit?

The Refundable Security Deposit ($200)is refunded directly to the original credit card 7-10 business days after the end of the rental.  NYPD notifies us of any outstanding parking violations within that time frame. If none, are reported, the deposit is immediately refunded.  You will receive an email confirming your refund.

10. What are your Cancellation / Early Return policies?

If you need to cancel for any reason prior to your rental start date, please note the following:

  • There is no charge for cancellations made more than 7 days prior to the rental start date.
  • There is a charge made (35% of the value of the rental) for cancellations made 7 days or less prior to the start date.
If you wish to return your scooter early (before the designated rental end date) for any reason, no refunds will be given.

11. The scooter I want isn't available, what can I do?

If the scooter you want isn't available, check our Scooter List for other color options and scooters with similar engine sizes and features. We also reserve the right to substitute any scooter with one of similar size/specification/price.


In the event of severe rain or inclement weather, we advise our customers to exercise caution when riding in the city. You may cancel, but the normal refund regulations apply.

If you wish to purchase insurance against rain and unforeseen circustances, we recommend Travel Guard :

Lost luggage, trip cancellation, medical emergency



1. Where am I allowed to park?

*as seen on www.nymstf.org:

Finding a Spot / Parking Garage:

  • Try primospot.com, online or as an iPhone or Android app, to find available on‐street and garage parking.
  • A map shows the regulations for each block, including pictures of the signage.
  • Be sure to know the alternate side rules for your block, and the many street cleaning holidays. Check the
    list out at nyc.gov, where you can download to Outlook, iCal, or Google Calendar.
  • Check out some of the motorcycle / scooter garages in NYC: Rising Wolf (East Village), Ryders Alley (Financial Dist.), Works Engineering (N Williamsburg), MotoGrrl (Williamsburg)

Parking Correctly:

  • You must park at an approximately 90° angle with your rear tire to the curb.
  • You may park in a metered space with another vehicle as long as the meter doesn’t expire.
  • You CANNOT park on the sidewalk in Manhattan. Doing so is subject to a ticket/fine or impounding of the scooter.

2. When are parking rules enforced?

Generally, Parking Rules are enforced Monday - Saturday 5AM - 7PM, with free parking on Sunday. 
However, some streets in Manhattan enforce parking regulations until 9PM or later.
Due to this, it is very important that you pay close attention to the signs surrounding your parking spot.

3. How can I avoid damage while parking?

*as seen on www.nymstf.org

  • Stay away from high‐trafficked areas like fire hydrants, corners, and driveways. The more car movement there is, the greater the risk of your scooter getting hit.
  • Don’t leave your front tire hanging out in traffic.
  • Make sure your bike is firmly planted on its kickstand or centerstand and not too tippy in any direction.

4. How can I make sure the scooter is safe while parking?

*as seen on www.nymstf.org:

While theft is an unlikely threat, it always pays to be prepared. Here are some tips to keep your scooter safe:

  • Be friendly with the business owners, residents, and doormen where you park regularly; they’ll be your
    eyes when you’re not around, and may pass along information to you in case of an incident.
  • Use multiple methods: a steering lock, a wheel chained up (especially to a stationaryobject) will take too long for most thieves to defeat.
  • Consider comprehensive insurance; the rates are higher, but you may save in the long run.
  • Park near others, especially other motorcycles, in well‐lit, foot‐trafficked areas.

5. Are Helmets Mandatory?

Yes, the state of NY and NJ requires that all riders of scooters wear a DOT-approved helmet at all times while operating the vehicle.

Eyewear, visors, gloves, jacket, and appropriate footwear are optional, but highly recommended.




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